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Bella Bangles - Ink

Bella Bangles - Ink


"Meet your new best friend! The Bella Bangle is lightweight, elegant, and can take you from day to night. Made of industrial stainless steel springs, the bella bracelets will never rust.


✦ stainless steel springs

✦ 7.25" (fits the average woman's wrist)

✦ easy to roll on and off

✦ can be worn in the shower, pool, working out, etc.


Caring for your bella bracelets:

Because they are tiny springs, take care when taking them on and off your wrist to avoid stretching them too far. rolling on a few at a time will help them have a long, beautiful life! Stainless steel bellas will not tarnish, ever. Glacier, gold, and black are all plated, which resists tarnishing, however, over time, you may see some sight fading if you wear these colors in the water. "

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