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Clouded Leopard Pendant Necklace - Bill Skinner

Clouded Leopard Pendant Necklace - Bill Skinner


"Embrace the untamed allure with Bill Skinner's Clouded Leopard Head Pendant Necklace, a striking piece perfect for Easter or Mother's Day gifting. This pendant/charm necklace showcases meticulous enamel craftsmanship, capturing the wild spirit of clouded leopards in a unique and elegant design. Bill Skinner's signature blend of artistry and sophistication is beautifully exemplified, making this necklace a timeless and cherished accessory. Surprise your loved one with the gift of distinctive style, allowing the Clouded Leopard Head Pendant Necklace to become a symbol of bold fashion and untamed grace. Elevate any outfit with the captivating allure of this necklace, celebrating the beauty of both wildlife-inspired design and refined aesthetics."


Length: 16" with 2" adjustment piece

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